Refurbished Parts

Laser Ink runs a production line for the refurbishment of HP, Brother & Lexmark Fusing Assemblies.

Fuser unit refurbishing revitalises printer performance by addressing one of the key components responsible for consistent and high-quality document output.

Remanufactured to the highest standard with fuser films, lower pressure rollers and parts sourced from the best suppliers worldwide

  • Dot-Matrix Print Heads (exchange or non-exchange basis)
  • Fusing Assemblies (exchange or non-exchange basis)
  • Electronic Logic Boards
  • Power Supplies
  • ADF Assemblies
  • Flatbed Assemblies
  • AC/DC Power Supply Units
  • Optical Flatbed Assemblies
  • By utilizing this program, costs are dramatically reduced in comparison with the pricing of new parts
  • All products repaired through this program are fully guaranteed

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